Workstation Ergonomics and a Heating Pad

I am sitting here with a heating pad on my back from pulling out tacks from my now carpetless bedroom floor.  When I sat down at my desk with this aching back, I was not comfortable in my chair at all.  I am short (5’2″) and my desk is not :).  I adjusted my chair the best I could and added a stool for my dangling feet.  It struck me that with all this online learning, we need to address the comfort factor of the workstation at which students and teachers are sitting.  It can be very difficult to focus when your body is not comfortable.  I found an informative OSHA site at the Department of Labor that explains all the ins and outs of the ergonomics of the workstation.  Make sure you hover your mouse over the phrases to the right of the picture of the woman sitting at her desk to see how the alignment works.  Btw, I am seriously considering sawing down the legs of my desk this weekend!

What is it about your working area that gives/gave you the most trouble?


Writing that Bio

It can be difficult to write a short elevator-speech type bio.  I found How to Write Your Bio for a Byline or Query by Suzannah Windsor Freeman in her blog Write It Sideways.  In my search, this was the best one that explained what to include and what not to include as well as providing several good examples.  So when you are asked to give that short bio online, this is a good place to start.


ImageWhat I love about elevator talk is that it can only last about 2 minutes tops.  I am an online instructional coach with much to share about successful online instruction and the tools that go with it but with an appreciation for how busy everyone is out there.  My goal is for short and sweet posts that will challenge and inspire you to be a great online instructor. I will also throw in brief tutorials and explanations of how to use the tools that will help you.  Come join me between floors and let’s chat for a couple minutes!