What is a curator?

Recently I heard one of my colleagues use the term curator and then I read an article by Marcia Devlin, Online learning calls for new set of skills http://www.theage.com.au/national/education/online-learning-calls-for-new-set-of-skills-20121022-28156.html#ixzz2A9HYOy48 where she states:

The role of educators as “sense makers” is becoming increasingly critical. The educator has begun to move from being the creator, holder and deliverer of knowledge to being the aggregator of knowledge and the guide and facilitator of learning.

When I looked up what a curator is in education, I discovered that it is exactly what Ms. Devlin is describing – an aggregator of knowledge.  It is very common when teaching online classes (whether higher ed or K-12) that the content cannot be modified in the course.  Teachers must find a way to collect (curate) the latest developments and provide them to students.  One way I have also discovered is to use Scoop.it, specifically designed to provide links to articles and information students would find useful.

How do you provide additional content to your students in your online course/s?


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